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Dear Clients,
We as real estate agents are specialized in professional marketing of residential properties. What does this mean for you? Whether buying or selling a property - we know that for you it is a matter of decisions that involve a lot of money and often also many emotions. This is exactly where we, as experienced real estate agents, provide you with the decisive added value. We guarantee that extra security. Comprehensive advice and an experienced and legally compliant handling of your project are of paramount importance...


Flexmakler does exactly that: Excellent real estate agents for over 30 years on the market. We know exactly what is important in real estate business and know the possible stumbling blocks and risks. When you choose Flexmakler, you choose reliability. With choosing us your personal wishes and goals comes always first. This is how we ultimately achieve your desired result. Reliably, on time and honestly we fulfill your requirements and goals. Commission us and you have one less worry. We are your reliable partner when it comes to real estate.

Best regards
Karl-Heinz Schüßler
Schüßler+Partner Real Estate GmbH


Real estate agents guarantee reliability and discretion

For professional real estate agents, marketing begins with the right time to sell. Did you buy a property a few years ago? No matter whether you bought a condominium or a single-family house at that time. Today, you often get double the price. Of course, it all depends on the condition and location. Overall, real estate prices in Germany are at record levels. In the metropolitan regions anyway, but also in the surrounding areas of the big cities as well as in medium-sized, especially the so-called swarm cities, prices are higher than ever before in Germany. Berlin and Düsseldorf are two of the most interesting cities in Germany for property sellers.


As real estate agents we know - there are essentially two reasons for the enormous price development in the real estate market. On the one hand, there is the strong demand for living space, especially fueled by growing populations or migration to the metropolitan areas, and on the other hand, there is the current historically low interest rates. Which again have the consequence that the enormous price increase of the real estates for the buyers is cushioned.

In Berlin and Düsseldorf, for example, both new buildings and existing properties are currently extremely sought after. But no longer only in the conurbations and their suburbs. As a result of rising rents, but above all due to the shortage and the associated problems of finding adequate living space, more and more city dwellers are being attracted to the surrounding area. Here, prices have been affordable until now, but here too, prices are rising sharply due to the demand that has arisen. Ultimately, it is also worthwhile here to have the individual circumstances evaluated by a real estate expert.

The building interest rates are currently, as described above, at a historically low level. How long will this trend continue? This is where expert opinions differ. Some take the position that the real estate market in Germany in conurbations already meets criteria that speak for a real estate bubble. Following this logic, interest rates would then also have to be lowered to prevent the market from overheating further.

Die gegenteilige und häufiger vertretene Position ist aber, dass die Zinsen auf niedrigem Wert gehalten werden müssen, um keine neue Krise zu befeuern in dem man die Finanzierung der Staatshaushalte, insbesondere der Staaten Südeuropas wieder verteuert.

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Real estate agent - Let the professional determine the value of your property

Perhaps you have inherited a house or you would like to change the space. There are many reasons why a property sale can be useful. But before you plunge into the sales process, you should definitely have your property appraised by an expert.


Some house and apartment owners believe that it is enough to simply compare the offers on the real estate portals to determine the market value of their property. While this is useful for developing a marketing strategy, it is less suitable for determining the market value of a property. On the one hand it is so that offer prices can deviate substantially from actually certified purchase prices. But even more important is the fact that each property has individual characteristics, which are ultimately reflected in the purchase price.

If you do not know the market value of your property, it is very unlikely to find the optimal offer price for your property. This is where real caution is required. If you market your property at an inappropriate offer price, you risk losing a lot of time and even losing the price. Why? If the price is too low, you will receive less for your house or apartment than would be possible. The disadvantage is therefore obvious. If you set the offer price clearly too high, no buyer will be found. The property remains on the market for a long time, which is also observed by potential buyers. They become suspicious.

Letztlich sind Sie gezwungen, den Preis herabzusetzen, um überhaupt noch einen Käufer zu finden. Oft liegt dieser Preis dann sogar unter dem eigentlichen Marktwert. Sie möchten den aktuellen Verkehrswert Ihrer Immobilie wissen? Egal, ob Sie Ihre Eigentumswohnung oder Ihr Haus bewerten möchten: Wir stehen Ihnen mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung gerne für eine kostenfreie Wertermittlung sowie einer umfassenden Beratung zur Seite.

Successful real estate sales

Rely on professional real estate marketing

Are you thinking about selling your property? Are you looking for a reliable real estate agent with many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the market situation? Then you should make use of our competence and experience. We have been working successfully in real estate brokerage for many years and offer you all the prerequisites for an optimal success of your project. No matter if you are looking for a condominium or an apartment building - we are the right partner for you.


Every seller wants to sell his property at the best possible price. Is this also possible as a private seller? Of course! In most cases, however, professional real estate marketing still makes sense. So what is the difference between professional real estate marketing and private sales? First of all, it requires a lot of preparatory work and excellent market and industry knowledge. Many sellers underestimate this and are left disappointed in the end. Avoid expensive and nerve-racking mistakes. Rely on our expertise and service right from the start.

Due to our specialization on the real estate markets in Berlin and Düsseldorf, we consistently apply a regional principle. We are rooted in the cities and are fully aware of both legal and urban planning changes. How does that help you? Our consulting services put you in a position to make really sound decisions.

The building interest rates are currently, as described above, at a historically low level. How long will this trend continue? This is where expert opinions differ. Some take the position that the real estate market in Germany in conurbations already meets criteria that speak for a real estate bubble. Following this logic, interest rates would then also have to be lowered to prevent the market from overheating further.

Our philosophy is to present your property in the best possible way, to market it efficiently and, of course, to sell it at the best price. Please feel free to inform yourself about our services. A market-driven real estate valuation is as much a part of our services as an attractive exposè and professional real estate photography. We assure you a smooth process in the brokerage of your property. From the condominium to the apartment building.


In 5 steps to a safe and successful real estate sale



During a telephone conversation, we will first clarify what your wishes and goals are and whether we can also support you. If both sides come to the conclusion that a cooperation makes sense, we will first clarify what kind of property is involved and some data such as address and year of construction will be agreed upon for the preparation and a date for the property inspection. Your consultant will tell you which documents should already be selected for the property inspection.



The second step is a joint property inspection. During this appointment, your consultant will examine your property in detail in order to obtain the necessary information for a property valuation in line with market conditions. Your property documents will also be viewed together and the documents relevant for the valuation will be handed over. First marketing approaches will be determined and the time frame for the sale will be discussed. During this meeting, further cooperation is also discussed and our marketing mandate is discussed.



In the third step, we explain our market value calculation and determine the offer price together with you. We recommend suitable marketing strategies. As soon as the plan for marketing is in place, we will commission our photographer specialized in high-quality real estate photography to take professional property photos. If desired, we can also work with our interior designer. We will prepare a high-quality exposé and have our architect prepare any necessary documents (e.g. floor plans or living space calculation).



The marketing starts with sending the exposé to our customers and presenting it on our website and step by step in all relevant real estate portals. Interested parties are guided through the property by professional real estate agents during viewing appointments and questions are answered on site. Once a prospective buyer has been found, we will request a confirmation of financing and subsequently instruct the notary public to prepare a draft purchase contract. It is particularly interesting for many of our satisfied customers that we also arrange the financing and can therefore guarantee maximum service and security at a very early stage.



After the draft purchase agreement has been prepared, the final agreements are made and you will of course be supported by us. The notarization of the purchase contract at the notary then seals the upcoming change of ownership. Also at this date you will be accompanied by us - your real estate agent. After the complete payment of the purchase price, the change of benefits and burdens will take place. The successful marketing is concluded with the formal handover to the buyer, in which a handover protocol is created.

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