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We are your reliable real estate agent in Berlin

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Berlin – The place to be

Real Estate Agents in Berlin - We love Berlin and are your real estate agent for this exciting city. Recently we celebrated 30 years since the fall of the wall. No other city in Germany has experienced such a rapid development of the real estate market as the capital. Not only in the own country, but also internationally the city is very popular. Especially recently, Berlin has been developing into an international location for science and research. In terms of popularity, Berlin now ranks first among start-ups and the millennium generation - even ahead of London or Amsterdam. The Internet industry has developed into one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy alongside tourism and construction. Excellent conditions for sustainable growth in the real estate market!

Why a real estate agent in Berlin?

A good real estate agent is especially important in Berlin. In Berlin, not only rents and purchase prices for all kinds of real estate are increasing disproportionately. The demands on the players are often not comparable with other cities and regions. Nowhere else in Germany is the framework for commitments set so narrowly and nowhere else does the public sector operate with so much room for interpretation in dealing with regulations and laws. There is regulation and conservation statutes. Offensive preemption practices, a debate on expropriation and, just recently, the decision on rent caps were the dominant topics on the Berlin real estate market in 2019.


What is my property actually worth?

At the beginning of the consideration whether you should sell your property in Düsseldorf or Berlin right now, it is important to know what your property is actually worth. For a serious Property valuation, you need a real estate valuer with experience and excellent knowledge of the regional real estate market.

You would like to know what your property is currently worth? Are you looking for a service provider for the preparation of a market-driven real estate valuation? As real estate agents in Berlin and Düsseldorf we are the right partner for your projects. Perhaps you have inherited a house, perhaps you would like to move? Perhaps you would like to reduce your space due to a divorce?

There are many reasons why a property sale makes sense. But before you plunge blindly into the sales process, you need to have the property valued. Some house and apartment owners think they know the price of their property or they have a fixed desired price in mind. However, you should not be guided by this.

It is better to have the property valued on a sound basis. Estimated values quickly prove to be counterproductive when selling real estate.